A fine Mamluk silver and gold inlaid candlestick base dedicated to a Bahri Mamluk Prince (Emir) of Sultan alNasir Mohamad ibn Qalawun or alNasir Hassan, EGYPT, first half of the 14th century AD.

This candlestick is of slightly curving truncated conical form with an angled and slightly sunken shoulder. The body is entirely engraved in its full height with a broad band of scripture only interrupted by two circular blazons inscribed (الجناب الكريم العالي المولوي الأميري الكبيري), which translates as “his excellency the generous exalted high eminent prince.“  According to Qalqashandi, this formula of address was reserved only to Emirs of the fourth order (12 orders existed during the Mamluk period). 

The roundel design is inset within a band of highly stylized Mamluk thuluth containing the same various titles given to the Mamluk prince mentioned in the blazons. The main shoulder and base bands comprise intertwined split palmette designs. The top table is inlaid with traces of silver and gold on thuluth scripture similar in style to that of the body. The neck and mouth are plain. Given the early age of this splendid piece, it is natural to find that most of the inscriptions and borders are today lacking most  of their silver and gold inlay although the surviving dispersed traces show the grandeur and intricacy of this fine piece.

Overall height 31cm

Base diameter 32cm