An extremely rare, large, footed, tinned copper Circassian Mamluk dish made for Sultan Abu al-Nasir Janbalat (the 50th ruler of the whole Mamluk dynasty and 24th Circassian Mamluk ruler).

This dish is inscribed with the following dedication: “One of the items made for his sublime highness, the pure Jambalat from the dish of the Damamir.

This large tinned engraved copper dish consists of a central medallion with a chalice cup, the characteristic blazon of the Mamluks, surrounded by a simple interlaced geometric lobed decorations incised with mawsily tri pronged patterns. The outer edge of the large dish has a different more complex interlaced and intertwined engraved decoration subdivided into six main sections by circular flowing motifs. The dish ends in a festooned cut edge. The raised base is inscribed by 6 successive owners of this important dish these are:

1- Ibn alsayid alsharif abdelqadir.

2- Aisha wife of Hajj Ibrahim Yusuf Sarraf 1162.

3- Ibn Qadi alqudah A H S aldin Jarib.

4- Emir sayed alqudah ibn Abdelrahman.

5- Mohammad al-Razzaz.

6- Muhammad Mustafa.

The rarity of this piece is obviously due to the scarcity of items attributed to this particular Mamluk Sultan who reigned for only one year (1500-1501 AD) during a very turbulant period in the end of the Mamluk period.