Based in London, one of the hubs of the antique world, Ahmad Al Ugaily is a dealer specializing in Islamic and Islamic market works of art. He is a connoisseur of Persian, Ottoman and Mughal Indian periods and is particularly passionate of the fields of metalwork and arms and armour.

Born in Baghdad in the 80s, Ahmad since his teens became well acquainted with the old city’s narrow market streets famed for its antiques. It didn’t take long for him to develop an eye, and genuine fascination for the richness and variety of what Islamic arts and crafts offered. But it was not his observation of the numerous antiques he saw that gave him a jump start, as much as his long conversations with the experienced dealers and artisans and craftsmen of the city that gave him an ambition to start his own business. These Baghdad years did not only form a part of his memories, but became rather the very corner-stone of his future.

After moving to London in 2004, Ahmed started attending several antique fairs, and traveled a great deal to grasp the benchmark of Islamic Art dealership, these trips helped forge and expand his connections with the “who’s who” of the international Islamic Art scene.

In the last ten years, Ahmad Al Ugaily has specialized in acquiring, collecting and selling striking and exquisite works of art from both the Islamic and Indian worlds. He now boasts outstanding collections of Persian and Mughal Indian metalworks, arms and armour and other valuable artifacts coming from all over the Muslim world.

This website gives an idea of the range and caliber of the objects that fall within his interest.